Daeng Marowa, M.Eng
President Director

Nowadays, Information Technology is developed rapidly, giving not only many contribution to every aspect of live but also Improving everyone productivity. Internet era is managing all area of our activities.

Business competition becomes hard, pushing the business players to innovate in applying tools in order to survive and improve. One of the tools is the application of Information Technology.

We are made to fulfill this necessity carrying many solutions in information technology. Our experiences in Japan business area in handling projects from our clients which of course quality and short range of time has pushed us to presents our creative works to be the best. We provide solutions in information technology for supporting your business and activities.

藤本 陽介

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. We believe our professional employees are the key to our success. Thus we offer the highest quality construction and customer satisfactions in the industry.

We exceed our client’s expectations and we stand behind our work.


Last but not least, we succeed to publish our first-ever WordPress book in Bahasa Indonesia, titled “WordPress, Panduan Membangun Situs Web Berskala Bisnis”, dedicated for all the people who are willing to create their own website using WordPress.