Server optimalization


Do you ever have something like this before?
1.When your website is accessed simultaneously or high traffic data then your server is usually down or error ?
2. The View of website that using CMS WordPress is low?
3. The Display of your website is use CMS WordPress is low?

Then, if you answer is YES, We give suggestion to try the Kusanagi Full Managed service, It is a service of our well-grounded experience, and we can give full service or part service of the bellow solution.

– Website development base WordPress,
– Website optimization base WordPress,
– Server optimization used Kusanagi, it is faster class private server technology in the world,
– Server Maintenance with 24 Hours monitoring.

The big profit while used the Kusanagi Full Managed service is

  1. Increase of page view is significant,
  2. Decrease of the bouncing percentage,
  3. Decrease of stress level by contributor while post a article,
  4. Decrease of load server caused speed process in every request,
  5. Increase of the server stablity,
  6. Decrease of maintenance total.

The bellow is while used The Kusanagi Full Managed service:

  1. Hearing (listen the problem and complaint, page view target, budget, and etcetera),
  2. Server analysis and website (analyzing weakness of the client server),
  3. Testing,
  4. Website & server open,
  5. Optimization ( script, database, server ) & Maintenance.

Please call us to more detail discuss (Free) about your issues.

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