A virtual machine and its image developed and supported by Prime Strategy Group. that was built to execute WordPress at high speeds. KUSANAGI is an ultrafast WordPress execution environment. It processes commands in 3 milliseconds and can handle 1000 user requests per second without page *1 caching. You can use KUSANAGI with a “KUSANAGI fully managed service” (by Prime Strategy Group.)

KUSANAGI is available for free on most major public cloud services. As of August 2018, the current and planned releases of the public cloud version of KUSANAGI are as follows:

Public Cloud Services


KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure                                                KUSANAGI for GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

KUSANAGI for IBM Cloud                                                          KUSANAGI on Alibaba Cloud

KUSANAGI for AWS (Amazon Web Services)


KUSANAGI for Z.com


KUSANAGI for VMware                                                              KUSANAGI for Vagrant

KUSANAGI Runs on Docker

Please see here for the available cloud versions.

KUSANAGI framework

・WordPress latest version (KUSANAGI dedicated plug-ins included)
・CentOS 7
・Nginx 1.9
・Apache 2.4
・HHVM 3.11
・PHP 7.0 (php-fpm, Cli)
・PHP 5.6 (php-fpm, Cli)
・MariaDB Galera Server 10.0
* PHP7 requires WordPress 4.4 or higher and compatible plugins

Performance trial results

In the performance trial results produced Prime Strategy Group, the following processing capability was achieved.

ab -n 10000 -c 300 https://en.kusanagi.tokyo/

Server Software:         nginx                                  Failed requests:          0

Server Hostname:      kusanagi.tokyo                  Write errors:  0

Server Port:    80                                                    Total transferred:       71680000 bytes

Document Path:         /                                           HTML transferred:    69520000 bytes

Document Length:     6952 bytes                         Requests per second: 1036.97 [#/sec] (mean)

Concurrency Level:    300                                     Time per request:       289.305 [ms] (mean)

Complete requests:    10000                                Time taken for tests:  9.643 seconds

Transfer rate: 7258.78 [Kbytes/sec] received

Time per request:       0.964 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests)(*2)

*1 At maximum performance. Processing speed will vary depending on instance size and website content (such as features and amount of data).
*2 Simulation conducted using a quad-core (4vCPU) virtual machine; therefore, WordPress run time was 3.856 milliseconds (0.964 milliseconds multiplied by 4).

KUSANAGI dedicated plug-in

Page caching

Page caching is a feature that temporarily saves and recycles HTML display data to improve the performance of WordPress

Performance display

The execution speed of WordPress and the number of queries appear on the control bar. The background color will change depending on the number.

Device switching

Device switching is a feature to change and optimize the WordPress theme for display on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Translation accelerator

This feature accelerates the loading speed of translations to reduce the execution time required to display the page.

WooCommerce support for e-commerce

According to the options you choose at configuration, plugins and themes for WooCommerce can automatically be installed. WooCommerce for WordPress is used in over 30% of e-commerce sites around the world. With a wealth of themes and plugins, it is easy to customize your design and features.


Japan Times Co., Ltd.

 Website : The Japan Times

What was the problems?

  • Unable to respond to issues on nights and weekends, because their maintenance company only offered service during business hours.
  • Fees shot up after increasing server count to handle traffic increases.

What’s improved?

  • Set up 24/7/365 maintenance system, and the website started running stably.
  • Cut server and maintenance fees down to 2/3.


Mediagene Inc.

 Website : DIGIDAY

What was the problems?

  • Needed an infrastructure built to handle high traffic.
  • Development time limit was very short.
  • Needed developers who could understand foreign WordPress templates.

What’s improved?

  • An extremely fast WordPress environment was created in a short time
  • Resolved the performance issues associated with heavy traffic.
  • Tuning and new technology available even after launch.

About Prime Strategy Group

Prime Strategy Group is a cloud integrator solving the issues of cloud computing for global companies, beginning with Asia. With presences in Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia, we offer cloud integration services, mainly in the form of SI and MSP on cloud platforms.

On the business front, we architect web systems for government bodies as well as corporations that represent both domestic and foreign industries. These include the Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA), the University of Tokyo, TV Asahi, Mynavi, Adobe Systems, JTB Asia Pacific, and Bank Negara Indonesia. We have also constructed many large-scale WordPress sites in Japan

Please download the free brochure details here for KUSANAGI.