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Life Indonesi Weekly Megazine

Lifenesia, as  “life information magazine for more fun and enrich the Jakarta life”, is a magazine published by Japanese citizens for visitors from Japan who lives in Jakarta.
On February 19, 2015 , we were asked about our business. (http://lifenesia.com/2015/02/19/interview_primestrategy/)

The Important Things in Website

Top page only focus on design, and who do not have content with critical text, there is no detail of their goods and services, otherwise it is not only the request form has not been applied in a position as a customer, The first place it has been applied even if they do not do anything.
Moreover there is many flaws in security aspects to handle personal information. Their products and services
, if though on the main page search, it doesn’t appear in Google search results. Such as “who actually saw and what ? Want to what is allowed” is that many implementations are not considered. It’s not a bad site, but they would need to reconsider and reform.

Whether given by WordPress?

WordPress adalah CMS which has been used in various sites around the world. CMS also has the advantage of not like programming, The advantage is that you can easily manage the system and update your own site.
CMS like Movable, Joomla there are already many and well known, like Drupal, WordPress contribute more than 60% of the share. Even of the entire CMS, WordPress is a CMS that is most used in the world. This track record has proven that the most preferred and used WordPress.
There are several leading companies in the world and famous artist sites, Other international influential media sites such as the BBC are using WordPress.


our strength

As certified WordPress Consultant, course in WordPress, public institutions and major companies in Japan have confidence in the achievements that we have, such as production and operations experience, and maintenance of large media sites, such as server hosting. Case Study WordPress many become prospects in Indonesia,
and we want to provide services in the development of technology and knowledge.