WordPress consulting is the heart of what we do.
But regardless of your consulting needs, we are also prepared to meet your needs. Our services include web application and marketing (SEM/SEO), consulting services such as training and education programs to improve the quality of human resources in administration systems, as well as Business to Business (B2B), Consumer to Business (C2B) and Business to Employee (B2E) solutions.

24 Hours Server Monitoring

Service - Process Web App Development

Stability of performance of website’s server, especially for e-commerce, public media, etc, is like a soul of the website. Even when server down or error just for a minute, it will give a negative impact for level of website’s visit. So, website must be prepared it’s professionalism and maintenance, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

It is not easy for preparing employee for monitoring server manually, because employee need to have basic skill in server maintenance. Beside that, it will make cost for monitoring server will grow up.

We present server monitoring system with advance background in world class server monitoring. We guarantee you for better server monitoring. So, you can focus on developing your website’s content, when we are watching your sever for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Not only that, we have Full Managed Server Maintenance service that will help you prepare world class web server with Kusanagi, the Fastest Private Server technology in the world.



Process Web App Development

We give suggestion to try the Kusanagi Full Managed service, It is a service of our well-grounded experience, and we can give full service or part service of the bellow solution.

– Website development base WordPress,
– Website optimization base WordPress,
– Server optimization used Kusanagi, it is faster class private server technology in the world,
– Server Maintenance with 24 Hours monitoring.

The big profit while used the Kusanagi Full Managed service is

  1. Increase of page view is significant,
  2. Decrease of the bouncing percentage,
  3. Decrease of stress level by contributor while post a article,
  4. Decrease of load server caused speed process in every request,
  5. Increase of the server stable,
  6. Decrease of maintenance total cost.


WordPress Development

Service - WordPress
You no longer need to be a techie to own a beautiful and quality website. Our WordPress development service lets you one. Just get in touch with us to get a tailored theme that best meets your requirements and helps you connect your business with customers. Also, our expertise in WordPress plugin development will help you exploit its internal functionality in the best possible manner. We can develop a tailored WordPress plugin that fits the bill perfectly for your project. Along with the development, we always been to provide strategic assistance and nurture a mutually fruitful partnership with businesses and people.Our consulting and retainer agreements are priced based on the time and value of the project.

With WordPress, we offers a platform to build your customer-facing presence. And you will no longer be bothered by any issues and problems related to your WordPress sites. We provide a highly scalable, reliable, and fast publishing service for high-profile publishers, based on enterprise WordPress publishing platform. Primarily expect corporate user and other large-scale portal deployments.
Using WordPress, we ensure a website delivery with custom content usage and updating of your website. Our professionals having 5+ years experience and being versed with the latest version of WordPress, deliver highly functional and presentable WordPress solutions.
So, if you are in need of enterprise WordPress consulting, contact us to learn how we can work together to create enterprise solutions.


Web Application Development

Service - Web Application
Recognized as an eminent web development company, — previously known as Prima Softindo — PT. Prime Strategy Indonesia promises to offer top-notch web application development services at the most competitive pricing. We specialize in rendering flexible and superior quality web applications. Our professional developers possess significant expertise to implement modern technologies for promising web solutions. We have successfully completed more than hundred projects by delivering secure, reliable and easy to maintain web enabled solutions.
ERP (Enterprise Resources Planner)
Solutions that help businesses operate more effectively, so they can make strategic decisions that keep them efficient and profitable. Some of our ready stock products such as SIMRS (Hospital Information Management System), SmartSchool (School Information Management System), contain ERP features.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Strategy for understanding customers and their needs in order to optimize interactions with them. This solutions leverages technology to create stronger relationships with former, current and prospective customers while maximizing marketing and customer service capabilities.


Expert Service Provider

Expert Service Provider
Information technology should improve business results. Prime Strategy make sure it does. Our experts provide a solution to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments, and assets.